Week 1 – Inspiration

I started the first week by having our first taught tutorial session in the Studio. It feels good to have my own space back again, it’s so much easier to focus and to work for hours here over studying at my flat. We started with a short presentation from Ewan about inspiration and what forms inspiration could come in. I learned what ‘eclectic’ actually means, deriving ideas from a broad range of sources. This helped me think about my initial research in a different way, it felt that because I have a broad subject, identity, that I have a broad range of sources. This is not actually the case. I need to be less afraid about bringing my other interests into the project in order to broaden the scope of what I’m learning and taking inspiration from.

So, this week is named ‘Inspiration Week’ which is time set aside specifically to collect physical resources to draw inspiration from and deliver in the form of an A2 mood board. Some of the members of the studio are travelling around London for the rest of the week however, I chose not to due to financial and comfort concerns. I need to think about what I can do nearby and cheaply in order to inspire myself; I hope the weather will be good! The most inspiring thing in Ewan’s presentation was Lumio, a light that looks like a book and is intuitively interacted with like a book. This thing is amazing, it gave me a physical reaction when I realised what it was. It would be an excellent quality to include in my work moving forward.

Credit: http://design-milk.com/lumio-portable-light-opens-like-book/

I also worked on my initial probe design, an online application that presents the user with a series of four images, each representing something to identify with. I completed my prototype which required me to learn some PHP and make it work on my domain. Lots of fun! It’s cool being able to send a url to one of my friends and having a text output to read remotely. Prototype Link

Now that I have the functionality working, I need to make the interface into what I had originally imagined. Filling the screen entirely with 4 hand drawn images and when the user makes a choice, display the next 4, for 6-8 abstract questions. In the end a string is formed from their inputs and recorded on my web server for later analysis. I’m a little worried about kicking this out on the internet as my php isn’t secure at all, so we’ll see how I choose to distribute the link, perhaps just within the studio environment.

I also attended a lecture from the Sporting Challenge Initiative, which offered startup funding. I ended up entering with my Apex AR Idea. I’m hopeful that it will have the same success as Open Ears.