Week Zero – Identity

Week Zero. Seems a good place to start. I’m pleased to have an extra ‘week’ for this project as I’m quite intimidated about the prospect. Forming my initial proposal was easier than I expect as there was little pressure to get it ‘right’. However with the template provided it was actually quite easy for me to hang my mess of ideas on the framework.

I recently hit a large milestone in my life, which was one year receiving Hormone Replacement Therapy. It was a point in my transition I genuinely believed I would never see. As a result I have had the rare opportunity to be able to explore identity, gender and happiness in a fundamental way. I visited Copenhagen in the Summer with my girlfriend for Pride Week. I’ve always been skeptical of Pride, seeing it as a provocative, often over-sexualised parody of what I and other people struggle with everyday. I wrote another post about my thoughts there, so I won’t repeat myself. Pride Post

I have also been competing in the Converge Challenge 2017 with my Social Enterprise Open Ears. This has given me valuable insights into the deaf community and how others perceive them.

Also I have grown up through the emergence of social media and the idea of online personas. I try my best not to engage fully, I have no smart phone and don’t participate in Facebook/Instagram/Twitter as fully as most of the people I spend time with. However this is starting to hurt me as in a professional setting it is expected for me to have a website, blog, and a social media presence on many different websites. I find it challenging to know what to write where, how to interact and how much of me to present publicly. As a result of transition I have also deleted most of what was there before a year ago.

A result of this is being in a position where I’m more in control and more aware of who I am and what I want to say online. It feels much more manufactured than I think is necessary and I wish I didn’t feel the need to engage with it all.

So between transition, Open Ears, the start of my final year of study. The question of identity has been at the forefront of almost every aspect of my life for the past year. It’s almost a selfish desire to want to explore this topic as I really want to be certain of my own identity before I enter my life after study.