Week 5 – Project Outline Presentation

This week started with the Project Outline Presentation. In this presentation I spoke about Motivation, Background Context, Investigation, Key Insights and my Project Outline.

It was nice to open with something so honest as my motivations and aspirations for my final year studying at DJCAD. I spoke about my desire to fill out my skill set and broaden my portfolio. I aim to avoid ‘traditional’ employment and I am aiming towards self-employment/enterprise. Aside from these more academic pursuits I am always interested in designing for individuals and human identity has been a lifelong interest for me that I have an unusual perspective on. At the end of the day I want to improve life directly for real people and the whole concept of personal and social identity is very social digital I think.

I spoke about why I chose the subject area of identity, referring to the strong personal impact Copenhagen Pride had on me. I then went on to talk about the 18500 words of qualitative research that I spent hours analysing down into five key insights.

The conclusion of the presentation was my work in progress Project Description:

“Design a product or service which allows the user to identify themselves in new ways to ease the tension between their personal and social identities, reducing anxiety and improving confidence.”

Within the studio life, the web team, who I head and the visual team had their first meeting. The visual team had recently completed the branding for the SD18 studio which allowed the web team to begin designing and wireframing the website. I’m really proud of what we came up with and I’m looking forwatd to turning it into a reality.

I also had my first dissertation lecture of the semester. This was focused on the journalistic style of writing and it really helped focus me on what I wanted to write for my first 2000 word hand in on Friday.

I’m writing about how Queer graphic design has changed over the last 70 years. This will allow me to explore the history of the LGBTQIA movement in Scotland and hopefully will spread a greater knowledge of the past.