Week 7 – Time Management

At the start of the week Chris taught us some useful methods for planning our time and our project as a whole. He discussed how to deal with distractions and how to respect our own time and the time of others in the studio space. He helped us to arrange our to-do lists in a more useful format, introducing importance and urgency metrics. This created a set of four quadrants:

credit: https://tools.thecoachingtoolscompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Urgent-Important-Matrix-GRAPHIC-ONLY.jpg

We learned common strategies for beating interruptions such as only answering e-mails at certain times of the day or agreeing within our studio when we are available or unavailable, usually through visual aids placed in our work space, even simple things like not interrupting someone if they have headphones in. It became apparent that a lot of our time is spent dealing with other students’ problems and crises instead of our own; it’s easier and less stressful to work on someone else’s problems. It’s sometimes possible to spend over half your available studio time working on other peoples’ problems! We were also encouraged to create a project plan Gantt chart. I haven’t managed to get around to doing this yet, but I can see the benefits and the focus it would bring.

I attended a student ambassador training session as the University is having some open days next week. This training will help me to greet prospective students and run tours around the university facilities. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to tell people about my course and what I do at University, and I hope they will want to come and study the same course too.

Next week is Halloween, but I haven’t really got anything planned, so we’ll see what happens! It’s quite scary that it is the end of October already; time is definitely short.