Week 8 – Guru’s Day Prep

It’s Guru’s Day next week which means this week is Preparation for Guru’s Day! One of the requirements for Guru’s Day is to present three A3 boards of information about the current status of your project. These boards are titled Context, Research, and Concept. I chose to rename these to Understanding, Investigating, and Designing Identity. The purpose of my boards was to kick-start a conversation quickly between myself and the guru. I will have gurus assigned to me based on their own interest in my topic, so I’m quite relaxed about having a meaningful conversation with someone who is already excited about my presentation topic.

I felt that making just three A3 boards was not enough. Some of the Gurus are travelling up from London, so I wanted to offer them a little bit more content to look at. I chose to cover my desk in paper and supply the gurus with a collection of felt-tip pens to draw with. I also have little prototype identity monitors to give them something to play with and keep their hands busy. The idea would be that my desk would act as a visual notepad during our conversation with the aim to make the conversation more satisfying for us both. I’m also going to cover the page with little skittle sweets so we can keep our energy up throughout the day since we’ll both be standing and having conversations for hours. I hope they’ll engage and appreciate what I’m trying to do!

This week had the University host two Open Days for prospective student applicants. It’s basically a routine time where the university opens its doors and displays its students’ work for people to see. They also employ student ambassadors to promote their course and host tours around the facilities. I think it’s really lovely that the current students get to present their University in a very honest way. I was employed as an ambassador for my course, Digital Interaction Design. I was really excited about this opportunity, as I think the way our course is presented in the University prospectus is not the best and doesn’t really get the core of what makes it a great subject to study across.

I manned our stall for over two days and also ran departmental and facility tours of DJCAD. Digital Interaction Design is an often misunderstood and overlooked course so unfortunately we didn’t get to talk to too many prospective students. However, the people I did get to talk to were very interested in what I had to say, and I had a few conversations lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour. I have a good feeling that the people I spoke to will show up for interviews later on; they were definitely the right people to study on this course.

On top of being able to say all the nice things about my course of study, I also got paid which is absolutely fantastic for a student, and I will definitely be volunteering for future opportunities like this. It was also Halloween this week, so I thought I’d take advantage and wear some black lipstick and spooky contact lenses. I’m all prepared and for Guru’s Day, can’t wait to see what insights will come from the conversations I’m going to have that day.