Week 11 – Prototyping

This week I decided to start prototyping identity based objects to get weeks of thoughts and ideas down on paper and into something tangible that I could talk about and show people. After a few false starts I built what are horribly named “U-Cards“. These are a play on business cards if they were to be a little more personal. The idea is that these objects reveal more or less about me depending on the angle that they’re viewed from. I liked this as I think it emulated real conversation much better than a flat business card, they’re interesting objects to hold and observe and are great conversation starters such as, what would you write on them, where would you write certain things, how much are you willing to put down on paper about yourself. These are an object that not only allows me to have conversations with people but could also be developed to be part of a larger set of tools for identity exploration.

This week marked another Interaction Design lunch where we meet up as a course group across all four years. I really enjoy that these are organised, we may not be the most social people but it’s nice to put names to face and generally see what the rest of us are up to. I think having a separate identity from the Product Designers is really powerful in giving us our own motivations and goals as designers. Sometimes a little food and a chat can go a long way.