Week 12 – Interim Presentation

The end of Semester One (Oh gosh it’s that time already) is upon me. For this special occasion I am required to put together an “Interim Presentation” which summarises all the work I’ve undertaken in the last 12 weeks. This was the first time that I had to really settle on a name for my project and brush up on my visual brand to an extent, at least a temporary image. I thought it would be most convenient to start with a one slide summary of my initial research.

The snippets of my insights that I decided to use in this presentation were : “Many of us haven’t really considered our own identity seriously before.” “Maybe if culture was totally accepting of differences it would be more based on what you naturally wanted (Referring to personal identity)” “Our identity is influenced by both our physical and digital environment. Our social identity is uncontrolled and vulnerable where as our personal identity is stable and safe.” “We blend between personalities depending on what we believe is correct in the current social context.” “We often agree with the way others perceive us.” “Thinking about our identity can cause us to become upset.” I spoke about how these insights are informing my current work and the work I plan to undertake in the new year.

My concept can be difficult to explain as the idea is moderately complex. I overcame this by creating a storyboard. It is still a few frames longer than I’d like it to be but it does a good job at getting the concept across at this stage. I’m quite happy with how my drawing has developed over the duration of my course but there is lots of room for improvement. The storyboard describes the journey through my workshop that is part of my product toolkit. It shows a user completing the three included activities and hopefully taking something away from the experience.

A requirement for the presentation was to include a Project Plan to take us into next semester and keep us on track. I’m not that happy with my plan. It’s kind of a negative cycle. I’m poor at managing my time so I find making an accurate Project Plan very intimidating and difficult so I end up making it very vague, which means it’s not helpful with managing my time and so on and so forth. However it was required and this is what I generated. I expressed my desire to run a user testing workshop as soon as I can, but the very concept of that terrifies me so we’ll see what happens.

This week also contained the initial Discovery Days meeting for me. Discovery Days is an annual event hosted by the University of Dundee that aims to showcase the work that its staff and students have undertaken throughout the academic year. I’ve been chosen to showcase my work on Open Ears. This is a huge privilege and I’m so excited to have such a large audience. My colleague Charlie and I are the only students that are presenting and it’s a huge honour. Read more about Open Ears here.