Week 14 – Reflection

Before the Christmas break I gave my Interim Concept Presentation to my supervisors Chris and Ewan. This allowed me to bring show all my ideas and research I had worked on in semester 1 and present it in a format that other people could come to understand quickly. To do this I decided that a storyboard would be the best method to do this as the visual representation of the idea is a quick way to get my ideas across.

The idea that I presented here was called Identify, this was a collection of designed activities that helped the users discover things about their own personal and social identities. It was envisioned that these activities would be presented in a workshop setting with accompanying facilitation. The aim of the workshop would be to provide long-term value to the user, allowing them to inform themselves and change their behaviours in order to live happier lives. I was happy with what I presented at the time but over the Christmas break my idea began to change.

I’ve always believed that the skills and techniques that therapy typically teaches people in order to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety were useful to everyone, not just those who suffer from mental illness. I realised that what I was trying to achieve with Identify could be much stronger if it was grounded in psychological theory. Before I could begin the process of transforming my project though I had to take stock of the work I had completed so far and take the time to reflect.

This is the reflection document I produced, it consists of four categories, strength, improvement, blog and ‘what next’. The sub categories are research, clarity of brief, idea sketching, concept development, prototype exploration, presentation and overall quality. I took the time to review where I currently was and then decided where I wanted to go next. I thought that my research was the strongest part of my project and it would carry my design in many directions. I was proud of my project outline and storyboard as I think they both effectively communicated my current thinking. However I am definitely lacking in concept development, I’m afraid of pushing the idea too far forward and I’m very anxious about failure and commitment. This is something I absolutely need to conquer in order to succeed this year.

I am pleased and content with how my blog has developed so far as it is actually part of my final project assessment, I’m not so happy with the way it looks but I don’t feel like I have the time to restyle my blog page as the current layout is functional. I need to take more photos of everything but my phone camera is very poor and is a pain to use, I need to start carrying my old digital camera as it produces higher quality images faster. I’m looking forward to physically prototyping my concepts and being more free and open with my ideas. I think the making will help combat my current fears and give me the confidence back that I can do this.