Week 18 – Worry

This week I’m still struggling with size, dimension and form. I’m still fighting with delivering a long term experience in a small shelf sized product. I don’t want to fall back on electronic recordings as there are many many applications for desktop and mobile that already achieve that. I believe that my users will already be using those services to augment their therapy regardless of the existence of my product. My current plan is to take already existing material and cherry pick what I think is good and well developed, then re configure it to deliver the same message in a more humane manner.

This is an example of the type of hand outs that are given to therapy users at the moment. This information has proven to be incredibly valuable in the healing process but its presentation hasn’t changed for twenty years. The core of my project is to change the way this same information is presented in order to make therapy experiences less intimidating and even sometimes less patronising. I’ve been looking into recipe kits that are delivered through mail to help people get into home cooking. I’ve always been inspired by their presentation of information as I genuinely think visual design is one of the weakest areas of many products and services.

The complexity and density of the information is a difficult thing for me to wrap my head around. A lot of the resources are intended for therapist’s eyes, not the users. Differentiating between the purposes of the material is taking up a lot of my time. I am enjoying learning more about the therapeutic process as it is important in my life but I need to be clear on where I’m spending my time. Working on my project is genuinely helping me develop my own skills and I think that is very promising for the future of the product. I’ve decided I’m going to select three to five techniques that I understand well and flesh those out in isolation. I’m just trying to get the idea across in my prototype, not finish the product in its entirety as that’s not my place as the designer, that’s to come with the support of therapists. Lots of challenges have appeared in front of me this week in particular. Time to take the time to work through them one by one.