Week 19 – Challenge

This week work continues on the Mk1 Prototype. I’ve decided to put less emphasis on longevity for now just to get an idea out there. I’m hoping that the discussions after my presentation will help guide me in the right direction and give me some next steps as I’m kind of burning out banging my head off this all by myself. I’ve been trying to find references online but there isn’t much to go on at all. Graham recommended to me Cabinets of Curiosities. These are incredible and one of the best references I have for embedding depth and longevity into a collection of objects. I’ll keep searching for a visual reference for therapeutic tools but it just seems to be comic sans or flowery self help, neither of which I find appropriate at all.

credit: Saudade7 at English Wikipedia – Own work

I want to take what’s in that image and condense it into a single shelf sized object. I want the object to be known by the user and to gain periodic attention from the user, but no one else. There needs to be the familiarity and security and privacy in the product. I want to find that middle ground between stuffing your therapy worksheets in a drawer to never be seen again, and having them on your desk permanently although you only access them a few times a month. Of course this requires a level of confidentiality, there is still a very real stigma around the concept of receiving therapy and I don’t think broadcasting your past to the world is particularly desirable.