Week 23 – Ideation

Week 23. I’ve been thinking a lot more about the middle ground between in a drawer, on a desk or on a shelf. I think it’s actually a really often overlooked part of product design. I need this object to feel at home both in therapy but also in the owners home five years later. I’ve been moving towards a shelf based product as its frequency of use is similar to that of a book. It’s something that you will use quite frequently for one period of time, never think about it for another period of time, then pick back up at some undetermined point in the future. In fact you don’t even know the next time you’ll interact with it.

The question remains however how do I fit my product onto those shelves while still serving as a frequent visual reminder to the user about the skills they have worked so hard to develop. I think at this point I’m certainly working within reasonable book dimensions. Then I have an object that is stored in one orientation but interacted with in another which will be interesting to cope with. What will the outside look like? It cannot look too much like the books around it but I cannot control that. Aside from shape I need to consider what material this “book” will be covered in and what kind of texture I want it to have. I think weight is an important factor too in the overall experience.

Alongside these issues I’ve been brainstorming what the branding of the product should be. If the outside has to blend in with a collection of various books then the external branding should be muted and low key, then the inside of the product can speak loudly when opened and accessed. Below are some sketches I’ve done for the brand on the front/back of the product. The symbols are inspired by common concepts in DBT, I like the } shape as this represents two seemingly opposing ideas being true at the same time. For example, I am a strong and independent person and I need the love and support of other people. The symbol shows these two thoughts coalescing into one idea. I prefer it on the top of the logotype however placing it at the start does serve the purpose of being the ‘D’ in Dialect and also looks like a face in profile, this seems a little too literal for me however and I’m not sure I could stomach something like that, but I’ll keep it in mind as I move forward.