Week 24 – Prototyping

Week 24, seems a good time to get down to some more serious prototyping. So far I’ve only really managed to prototype the visual language and the work that I’ve done on the form has been quite abstract and mostly digital. This is unsatisfactory for such a physical object. I started off with quickly making my digital design physical, playing around with dimensions to get a good feel for how big or small the project should be before moving on. I’ve always designed this product from the outside in since the external elements are so important to me. I’m not sure this is the correct thing to do but I have enjoyed doing things a slightly different way from usual. I’m going to define what space I have available and then fill in that space restriction. Apparently I enjoy placing a lot of constraints on my work. It definitely makes it easier.

What I learned from creating these objects in real life is that what I had imagined was far too small to be of any use and the sections wasted a lot of precious space. I still enjoy the sectioning idea and think it’s an important part of the product but there are better ways to achieve the same effect than making a separate compartment for each idea (sorry cabinets of curiosity!). I can design these segregation’s into my graphic language later on. The purpose of my next prototype was to nail down the size that I wanted it to be. I took a book and recreated its dimensions in cardboard and checked to see what would be possible to comfortably fit inside it. The first book I chose did not have enough depth but was a nice size in the other dimensions. In my second attempt I created an artificially deep book, I liked the idea of having the proportions just slightly out of the ordinary, a spine that was too deep to really be a reasonable book as this could help differentiate this product more from the books that will surround it.

After I was happy with the overall dimensions of the space available to me I created a mk1 internal. I’m not really pleased with this at all but it would serve its purpose. I have some further ideas about how to develop this space, I’m considering 3D printing the interior to have more complex functions and to save space through accuracy. The 3D print would also make the product more stable and rigid which is very valuable in an object designed to last a long time and repeated use. I also want to package a pen with the product as using the same method of recording can be a key part of journaling and mindfulness. However before I can develop the internal space any further I would first have to work on the content.