Week 26 – Degree Show Build

Well would you look at that. It’s the Degree Show build week. It’s all very surreal to me. There are so many aspects of my life that have been bench marked to this moment of time. Those events are coming and going, the end of laser hair removal in particular has been a big deal to me and it’s just unbelievable that 15 months have passed since I started that. I have a real emotional attachment to my time spent on this course as it’s been where I’ve formed my new identity, fell in love, overcame hardships, and grew as a person. This week has been spent largely helping Jon and Finlay keep everything together. With multiple complications arising in the build process and not a great level of engagement from the majority of the year group the stress has been at an all time high. i really enjoyed painting the area for hours as it allowed me to transition away from grinding away at my project for some time.

I was always excited for the pegboard aesthetic that we all decided on but even I didn’t expect it to be this good. Being able to see through parts of the walls really makes the space take on a new dimension and it feels like a much bigger area than past degree shows. I’m practically vibrating with excitement to see all my friends projects hang on these walls in just a few weeks time. This really is a fantastic experience, I think its quite rare to have the opportunity to work together in such a large number or something where the stakes are so high. It’s really helped us grow into more rounded people and the confidence boost is not to be underestimated at all.

This is where I’ll be presenting my fourth year project. That reality gives me excitement and nerves in equal measure. I know that I’ll know my results before I stand here but I still have to present my project to family and friends, I’m apprehensive about showing off my work in such a first hand way to them. Speaking of my project, I have parsed the five DBT techniques I’m using in the final prototype and now I’m working on fitting them into my graphical style. Work continues in parallel on my A5 booklet, attempting to bring those visuals closer together. I have a little pen that I want to use so I can now finish the 3D model of the interior. Everything is really coming together, assuming I can get the model printed in time. Otherwise it’s full on panic stations but I’ll be alright.

Once all that is finished off its a case of filming and editing the video and creating the image. My vision for the video is just an overview of the user journey of the product. It will begin with a therapist handing the object out and then follow through the delivery of a new skill, the practice of a new skill, the recording of the experience and the storage of the product. I hope I can capture that cycle in one minute of well chosen footage but it will certainly be a challenge. As long as I don’t panic I will be fine.