What Do I Do?

I've been working as a creative for the majority of my life. In that time I have developed a wide range of technical and soft skills. I work in technical support, providing top-tier service to a global customer base.


Working with people is my passion. In my opinion if what you do doesn't involve learning from others or improving their day to day lives, then you should try to incorporate that.


I have a degree in Digital Interaction Design, alongside my personal interests this has given me a deep knowledge of web development, aesthetics, and the way humans interact.


Technology is the fabric of modern society. Even from a young age I taught myself the skills I knew would be valuable to myself and others in the future. It's paying dividends.

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Areas of Interest



Everything you see has been designed by someone. I take joy in seeing this all around me. I work on a human-centred design methodology. I start at the human and work backwards to the design outcome. This manifests in my customer service.

Virtual + Augmented Reality

Virtual + Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is our future. The race to the metaverse has begun. The possibilities that are presented by the adoption of VR and AR technology are too exciting to ignore. I spend some time every day in VR. I've experimented with AR and its current use-cases.



An idea is only as good as the way you communicate it. Often you only have a matter of minutes to get someone onboard. This takes a lot of practice and skill to achieve. I enjoy making pixels dance to music. It is an essential part of my toolkit.


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