What Do I Do?

I've been working as a creative for the majority of my life. In that time I have developed a wide range of soft and technical skills.


Working with people is my passion. In my opinion if what you do doesn't involve learning from others then you should do something else.


I have a degree in Digital Interaction Design, alongside my personal interests this has given me a deep knowledge of web development and aesthetics.


Technology is the fabric of modern society. Even from a young age I taught myself the skills I knew would be valuable to myself and others in the future.

My Recent Work


 This is a showreel showcasing my visual editing and photography skills alongside some of the physical and digital products I have created so far. (These videos are recut and shortened for demonstration purposes.) Timestamps: Read more…

Dialect – Full Blog Post

This is a collation of my entire blog content for easier reading. It reads in reverse chronological order, starting with my final outcomes and working backwards through the weeks. Dialect – One Great Image   Read more…