Cakes And Chickens

Published by Alice Horton on

My year group has to raise between £20,000 and £30,000 for our degree show and to attend New Designers in London at the end of our final year (July 2018). This is a huge ask fundraising target for any organisation, never mind a studio of 45 designers also studying full time. To help in our overall efforts we held a joint Easter Market with some of the other disciplines in the Art School. We organised an almost ‘pot luck’ stall where members of our class would just submit whatever to be sold.

This involved a massive tower rainbow cake, many tasty traybakes, large elephants and even some lavender chickens. This was among some Easter themed bags for gifts, photography prints and bottle covers. We had quite a display, getting side crafts and things together at one of the busiest parts of the semester can be really tough, but it’s something we need to do to be successful. It was nice working in collaboration with the other disciplines to make the market overall more appealing and to make more funds for everyone.

All in all we made around £250 which was a great profit for the amount of time we spent creating it. Most popular was the food and it was definitely our biggest money maker, turns out students love cake at stressful times. Totally not exploiting a captive audience. We also sold both the elephants to the Dean of the school which made us very happy as they were quite expensive. The chickens unfortunately did not do so well but we still sold some of them. All in all it was nice to make contact with some of the other courses in the school and it helped us move towards our funding goal.

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