DUMC Trials

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So it’s that time of year again, Freshers Fayre and the launch of a few more societies to add to Dundee University’s ridiculous list (over 140! The List). This year the Motorsport Society has made itself official! We received 82 sign ups at freshers which was a lot to deal with considering we were about 4-8 strong last season. Josh Martin is the President, Jon Maclean, the Vice President and I am the Secretary.

Our first event of the year as usual was the ‘give it a go’ taster session we run at Scotkart in Dundee. This serves two purposes, one to let people have a shot and see if they like it, secondly to allow us to see where everyone’s pace is at and start to sort out teams for the SSKC (Scottish Student Karting Championship) and the BUKC (British Universities Karting Championship).

It was nice to have new faces around the hangar where the go kart track is. 12 attendees, 9 new people. It was great to watch beginners get to grips with the track and vehicle over each session. With six out of nine of them taking on an optional third session. I’m very optimistic about our performance, some drivers are very consistent and are obviously improving very fast.

There’s another hot battle for the final seat in the ‘A’ team, as it was last year. Josh is firmly planted at the top of the results by 0.800, but 2nd – 5th is separated by only 0.500. I’m proud of my performance to get second (barely). My body is changing a lot and this requires me to drive the kart in a very different way from how I used to and how the guys do it. They are rough with the steering, slamming steering angles instantly into each corner. I can do that too, but I get very tired very fast. It’s a great motivator to get stronger as I know my biggest weakness is stamina. Most people got faster or maintained their pace over the sessions. I dropped half a second over 30 minutes of driving. It’s a big concern for me an I look forward to overcoming it this season.

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