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So work on Open Ears Mk2 had begun! The mk1 had been used to destruction because it was made of paper, we hadn’t anticipated that the Deaf Hub would actually use the paper prototype we had made for them in real workshops. I still feel bad today when I imagine them talking about the work that students had been doing then dropping a mashed piece of paper on the table. Oh boy.

Something had to be done, and that something was a change of material. I needed to create something light and durable. My vision for the final toolkit is still card, but this one was to be made of wood so it would last the rigors of testing. I downloaded Autodesk Fusion which, as someone who was introduced to CAD with AutoCAD and Maya, is an absolutely beautiful program. It’s like CAD for real, creative human beings, not math-based robots.

I got to grips with the program really fast due to my past experience and watching other designers in my studio work with it. It was a joy to use and I didn’t really miss the more ‘advanced’ features of the other CAD software. I enjoyed making something to scale and with true to life accuracy. It came together really fast and I was surprised with how good it could be.

So, being the mostly digital based person I am I completely overlooked joints. I forgot during the CAD process that I’d have to actually construct this beast. It looked good on the screen, but was in reality an impossible object. So it was back to the drawing board. I took this project as a practice run and started over.

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