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The next step of the Converge Challenge for Social Enterprises was to produce a five page business plan and a 60 second video pitch. I was initially very scared of writing a business plan. I’d never really done something like that before. My comfort zone when it comes to writing is like ‘stream of consciousness’ first person rambles and report writing. The first thing I did was try to look up examples but it was very hard to find Social Enterprise business plans. The ones I did manage to find were very amateur and low quality in my opinion so I forged out on my own confidence, which is pretty much all that has carried me this far.

I took my little book of notes from the enterprise training days and smashed it into the template we were given from Converge and stared blankly into an empty page of subtitles and question marks. I filled in all the stuff I felt confident about, which was about 60% of the plan, then spent some time deciding on how I wanted to lay it all out and which images I wanted to include. I persisted and filled in some more subtitles but I didn’t feel good about what I wrote at all.

Luckily Veronica Ferguson contacted me to have a small meeting at Dundee Contemporary Arts with Brian McNicoll. This we really helpful for me as it allowed me to ask questions about IP and pricing without being faced with really complex information online. This information and discussion allowed me to finish my business plan and feel confident that I wasn’t going to look stupid. It also provided some great ideas for the next steps for my business.

After all I had learned a lot of new terms that I wasn’t previously familiar with, which makes me feel more confident using those words to talk about my business. It’s another important step in enterprise, and I’m happy with what my business plan communicates, now I just need to film the pitch, which should be the easy bit!

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