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This is a showreel showcasing my visual editing and photography skills alongside some of the physical and digital products I have created so far.

(These videos are recut and shortened for demonstration purposes.)


00:00 – SocialDigital18 Indigogo Video
01:12 – Research Video for Microsoft Catch
01:37 – Concept Video for Microsoft Catch
02:19 – Final Year Project Dialect Video
02:47 – Oscar The Pig Video – Dundee University Finance
03:39 – Open Ears Converge Challenge 2017 Pitch
04:14 – Apex Augmented Reality Concept Demo
04:29 – CheckIt Augmented Reality Concept Demo
04:52 – Sketcher Tablet App Demo

SocialDigital18 Indigogo Video

This video was part of the Indigogo fundraising campaign for our final year year-group at University to travel to London to exhibit our work at New Designers 2018. The campaign raised £1,570 from online donations alone in 30 days.

Research/Concept Video for Microsoft Catch

These clips are from the research and concept phase of a product I designed for Microsoft in second year. Microsoft Catch is a ring that helps you journal audio snippets from your day to day life and organises them for you. The research we preformed was comparing how recording the process of marriage could be different in the future.

Final Year Project Dialect Video

Dialect is a Dialectal Behavioural Therapy toolkit that I designed and produced in my final year of study at DJCAD. This is some clips of the video I produced to showcase it.

Oscar The Pig Video – Dundee University Finance Department

Oscar the Pig was a project that I was commissioned to create by the University Finance Department. The product was designed to be handed out to students at Fresher’s week to allow them to easily create a money storage solution.

Open Ears Converge Challenge 2017 Pitch

Open Ears is a Deaf Awareness Toolkit I created that I took to a top five finish at the Converge Challenge 2017 Social Enterprise category.

Apex Augmented Reality Concept Demo

Apex is a concept for a future motorsport safety device. It is a helmet mounted lighting set that communicates to all drivers when a yellow flag caution is in effect.

CheckIt Augmented Reality Concept Demo

CheckIt is the result of a three hour hackathon we performed as practice for the module that created Apex. We were exploring how Augmented Reality could be prototyped using traditional video editing techniques.

Sketcher Tablet App Demo

Sketcher was the result of a brief to design a front end interface for an already existing creative app. This involved taking a set of features and designing a brand and layout for them. This is entirely coded in HTML/CSS/JS and actually works.

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