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So, after the small embarrassment of making a nice 3D object that doesn’t work in reality, I dived back into Autodesk Fusion once more. Armed this time with new knowledge and skills. This time I was ready to make something not only gorgeous but also physically possible. I already knew the dimensions I needed the kit to be so it was much easier to get started. The kit had to store ear plugs, surgical masks, scenario cards and the ear defenders. I created the necessary compartments which then affected the size of my scenario cards. This is something I may need to change in future iterations as I am struggling to fit all the content I need onto them.

After building the physical form I then had to decide on a color scheme. I was inspired by MediChecks packaging. Initially white and subtle, but then with a bright contrast color on the inside and to highlight things of importance. This is really obvious in my design, with the white outer sleeve and the bold red inside. I made the bottom of the object black to make it clear which side is the bottom and which side is the top.

I unfortunately don’t have any photos of the laser cutting process as it was quite stressful. I had a lot of cuts to make in the hour allocated so it was all a bit of a rush. Luckily I managed to get all the pieces I needed without any mistakes! I then sanded down all the surfaces and joints to ensure a good coat of paint and solid joints. Spray painting was painless, it just took a few days to do all the coats and let it dry properly. I then filled in the logo by hand with black acrylic which might of been a mistake as it’s very messy compared to the rest of the product. I think it is more important that the logo is prominent however.

Then came the gluing. I didn’t have access to hot glue so I ended up being very careful with wood adhesive. The whole process was quite therapeutic, fitting each piece in carefully and waiting for it to dry before moving on the the next part. This was the first time I had done a process like this from start to finish and to watch my digital file come together to perfect scale in front of my will always inspire me to work between the physical and digital worlds.

The final product still amazes me. I made that, entirely myself. From design to production. I’m extremely proud of myself. I love the finish on the paint and the BSL engraving on the inner form is delightful. Unfortunately the gap I left for sliding the sleeve on and off is too tight and needs to be adjusted for the next version. The scenario cards and the instructions need to be rewritten and redesigned as people with visual impairments struggle to read them and they can be difficult to understand anyway. I think it’s a great prototype to present the idea with and it’s carried me very far.

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