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I’ve been competing in the Converge Challenge 2017 this year with my project Open Ears and I’ve made it into the top 5. Towards the end of the process I was required to make a 1 minute video pitch for my business then another 1 minute of video content for Converge’s use as press material.

Thanks to the pitch training I received from Maryanne Johnston I found putting the pitch together fairly straightforward. The problems came when I tried to remember what I wanted to say. I’ve always had problems with scripted presentations, at University I’ve only ever used a script once and it was a mediocre presentation. I’m much more comfortable just going off the top of my head. Unfortunately this style is at the cost of time management and also sometimes not saying what I actually wanted to say.

So it turns out that looking up above the camera lens to read your pitch looks awful, I had to learn the whole pitch off by heart which took some patience. I also struggled a lot with my voice. I’ve finished 8 months of voice training but I don’t have the confidence to use my ‘new’ voice at all, which results in no practice and more discomfort. I knew this video was going to be viewed a few months in the future and may be near me for the foreseeable future. So this just increased my anxiety in regards to the way I sound. This really increased the number of takes required to get the pitch to a level I was at least comfortable with enough to show in front of many people. I feel the press reel content is of a much higher standard that my initial pitch.

I’m very happy with the results and I’m proud of myself for creating this kind of content in my circumstances and I hope I get a good result on September 28th in Glasgow!

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