What’s Next?

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So, What’s next for Open Ears? The project itself was created off the back of the University of Dundee’s first ever Global Health Challenge. As a result we’re valued as evidence of the success that challenge can bring to aspiring students. I also want to promote the benefits of this challenge as it allowed me to build my confidence in my design skills and attain top 5 in the Converge Challenge 2017.

We had been contacted by Louise Valentine to create some video content for the launch of the Global Health Challenge 2017. This was to consist of our original pitch, to set a benchmark for what the newcomers can expect to achieve with the month long event. We also filmed a demo of a product and small interviews with Charlie, Simran and myself. I’m very excited to see the results of the filming as having professional material will be very useful for promoting Open Ears in the future.

We did the filming in the newly refurbished area of the University Main Library in a shared space called Strawberry Bank. I think the improvements to the library are incredible and is a great asset to the students studying there. I really loved that the glossy tables matched Open Ears’s colour scheme too, meant to be I think. I’m very happy with the quality of the film and can’t wait to talk at the launch event. I will also be talking more about what we did with Open Ears after the challenge ended to encourage other students to take their ideas further. Every year there are so many ideas thrown away, not just from hackathon style events but even the work we preform in the studio. I know not every idea can be taken to completion but sometimes people just don’t see coursework as having any value aside from grades.

I hope that with my presentation I can give others the confidence to get out there with their ideas like I did. To really engage with the supporting community in Scotland and to engage with the many funds and schemes out there for student entrepreneurs. Once we graduate all these resources will be closed to us so it’s really important to take advantage of them while you still can. I didn’t and still don’t consider myself an entrepreneur. I think sometimes its the word that scares people. You just need to have an idea and the confidence to develop it. It’s a life skill that’s important to everyone, especially with the super competitive graduate job market. I think that I will stand out with my business experience alongside my design experience. I not only designed, built and tested Open Ears. I then created a business plan and worked with partners to take it to the next level. Hopefully even incorporating it as a business once I graduate. I would not have the confidence or the resources to do that without the experiences I gained in these two challenges.

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